It's such a good idea to have an annual shoot.... your child develops: the changes are so subtle every day and parents hardly notice amidst their busy when you have a series taken abut the same time each year they can be seen very clearly

I have photographed Holly and her parents in Abington Park in Northampton for the last three years, since she was just a two year old. It is really wonderful to see a child develop like this and I know that Holly's mum and dad will have a treasured collection of beautiful framed photographs to treasure for ever.

If you would like to start a series of child or family portraits on a regular basis, give me a call on 07920 133159....the photographs will be much more permanent than [...]

What to wear for your family photoshoot?

Published 05 Apr 2018 at 15:27

I'm frequently asked this question - and my answer is usually very simple! Wear something that makes you feel special...but also comfortable!

If there's a group.such as a typical family shoot, with grown ups and kids, then try to co-ordinate the colour choices: blue denim jeans and white or pale coloured shirts with collars always look great, and suit most shapes and ages. A black T-shirt also looks really good against a tanned or black skin, especially if you want some black and white photographs as part of your selection to be framed

What must be avoided at all costs is a "mish-mash" of colours and patterns...! We want to see your faces and these things distract from you...and thats's what the photo shot is [...]

The studio in Nene Court ...

...has been busy since Christmas and here we are almost in April! As well as studio shoots I have been seeing increased amounts of commercial photography and product shoots...most of which I can't write about!

I will be announcing announcing an exciting new development shortly where you and your family or pets can win a £1000 and also help to contribute to some very good causes: Look out for details of this over the next few weeks!

There have been some really wonderful families ...and their the studio in recent weeks. I love it when the family dog comes in too! We've photographed 3rd birthdays,18th birthdays and 60th birthdays over the last few of weeks...and I've added a few favourite photographs from these shoots...


A challenging photo restoration...

...was brought into my studio recently. Ann had recently lost her husband and had a treasured photograph of him as a small child - probably over 80 years old. The print was quite dirty and faded generally, but beneath that I could still see a beautiful hand coloured portrait of a fair haired little boy, in a pale blue shirt. Ann wondered if I could "clean" the original photograph....but I explained that although it was possible, it would be very expensive and risk damaging her precious original print. I could tell she was reluctant to let the small framed print out of her possession for too long, so I promised a quick turn around....

After scanning and digitising the print it took a few hours [...]

Interested in the history and landscape of Northamptonshire?

Published 04 Nov 2017 at 12:53 northamptonshirebooksauthorshistorybob caddick photographynene court

As well as being a portrait and family photographer I have written and photographed two books about the county for Halsgrove Ltd., a national publisher of high quality books on local interests and history. These books make great stocking fillers for Christmas as they contain a wealth of information and stunning photographs of our glorious county - The Rose of the Shires!

You will discover just where the Gunpowder Plot was planned and where the first Radar experiments took place, as well as where Mary,Queen of Scots was beheaded...and many more wonderful scenes ....all here in Northamptonshire!

I carry stock at the studio in Nene Court and am always delighted to provide signed and dedicated copies as gifts for family and friends. Many people buy [...]